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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has their definition of success so as expectations. What we can guarantee is substantial improvement at the end of the course.

You will be taken through by different coaches at different units. Their approach may differ but the goal in the end remains and will be achieved.

Assessment and grading is done at the end of the course, and you will be issued with a certificate. You may choose to enroll with a different program which will be subsidized.

We do not offer free trainings currently, but for our alumni, we do offer free consultations.

We ask our students to notify us if they will be absent during a class. We organize a one-on-one makeup class for the session missed.

This almost happens with a student in every ongoing class. In such a case, a student will have to clear any outstanding arrears and will be deferred to a future class when they will be available.

session missed.

Developing your public speaking skills is a journey that shouldn’t end at the end of the course. We do our best to equip and develop you into an ideal speaker, but the student is also required to do the same on their end.

Calls are limited to business hours. Emails can be sent at anytime and we will respond promptly as soon as possible.

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