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Below are some of our courses and services we offer

Professional Speakers Course

When looking for the Public Speaking course which offers you an intense practical approach to public speaking then PSC- Professional speakers course will fit you well.

This course is intended to turn you into a more persuasive and effective public speaker – someone who speaks with ease, Confidence, clarity, and modes of persuasion that are critical for today’s corporate, nonprofit, policy and diplomacy worlds.

The classes run for five weeks, three days in a week, 6pm to 8pm. A total of 28 hours of coaching, assessment and practicals will be covered through the program.

Course Content: – Introduction to public speaking and rhetoric.
– Elevator pitch and Impromptu speeches.
-Speech style and structure.
-Developing speech frame and world views.
– Psychology of persuasion and how to argue your values.
-Knowing your audience.
-Acquiring confidence and the voice.
– Communication strategy.
-Press conference and media interview.

Note: A Certificate will be offered  at the completion  of the course.

Personal Coaching

Designed for people who have busy schedules and prefer a more personalized approach to public speaking, personal coaching program gives a short, flexible and contextualized content for anyone in the market place, politics or diplomacy world.

The client  enjoys one on one with  the coach and flexibility of timings and location of coaching  where necessary for nine sessions and will be given an opportunity to speak to an audience at the end of the module.

Foundational Speakers Course

Young people  are the future leaders, but how can they lead when they do not know how to communicate effectively?

The Foundational speakers course is a twelve session’s program designed for young people  from the age of seven to seventeen years. The course equips them with confidence and practical skills in the art of public speaking  and how to stand out through effective public speaking.

The course can be done during school days, holidays  or on weekends.

Enroll  your son or daughter  today and you will see a big change at the completion of the course.

Note: A certificate is offered at the completion of the course.


Counselling therapy

The centre offers counselling services to individuals facing difficult challenges and need professional help to overcome them. Through our exceptional therapists, individuals who are disturbed or under high tension are able to overcome their problems and their development is no longer hampered or stunted.

About us

The African Centre for Public speaking is a registered Training centre training professionals in public speaking , Leadership development and mentality change.

Our mission

Transforming Africa through effective public speaking, leadership development
and mentality change.

What we offer

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